These optional seminars offer valuable insight into parenting and Montessori education at no or low cost to the CMS families.


Journey & Discovery


Put yourselves in the shoes of your children for a day and experience the Montessori classrooms as if you were a child.

“A glimpse of what every child deserves to experience & be a part of.” – a CMS parent and seminar participant.

Free to new families at CMS.


Redirecting Children’s Behavior (RCB)


A powerful and dynamic parenting course which allows you to put what you learn into action!

Improve your relationship with your children and create the kind of atmosphere you would like to have in your home.

Endorsed and recommended by pediatricians and therapists nationwide. Lean how to:

  • Establish effective and lasting changes in behavior
  • Never have to remind your children again
  • Discipline without yelling
  • Create the foundation of a “drug proof child”
  • and much more.


Being a Montessori Parent Workshop ~ The Bridge Between Home and School ~


This free seminar will help you understand the principals of Montessori your child is experiencing at school. It also offers you some concrete ways to reinforce those experiences in your home. The topics include:

  • Encouraging independence
  • Establishing order
  • Effective communication
  • Enabling self-discovery
  • Using encouragement, not rewards or treats

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