Rowdies player a hit with Montessori students

By Eddie Daniels | The Tampa Tribune
Published: June 05, 2012

With arms stretched into the air and his face brighter than a 1,000-watt light bulb, Nicolas Puente couldn't veil his excitement.

"He has experienced our power!" Puente, 8 shouted to friends on the concrete basketball court.

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Volunteers remove tons of trash from Tampa area waterwaysYoungsters and adults from the Community Montessori School in Town and Country joined other volunteers Saturday scouring the waterside of the Davis Islands Sea Plane Basin picking up trash.

By Kenneth Knight | Tribune Staff
Published: September 21, 2013

Youngsters and adults from the Community Montessori School in Town and Country joined other volunteers Saturday scouring the waterside of the Davis Islands Sea Plane Basin picking up trash.

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CMS students honored “Ambassadors” at Hillsborough County Storytelling Festival

By Yolanda Palmer
Published: April 21, 2012

In December, Michelle Michaud (staff member of the Hillsborough Country Annual Storytelling Festival) visited the Civic Road campus and demonstrated the art of storytelling to the students. She and Shane Shanabrook (former CMS parent) talked about Hillsborough County’s Annual Storytelling Festival – which prompted 13 of our students to try their skills at storytelling!

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Hillsborough school abuzz with bee program

By Courtney Cairns Pastor, The Tampa Tribune  
Published: June 02, 2011

TOWN 'N COUNTRY - Brianna Jackson, Cathryn Sandborn and Emily Estrada looked pretty calm for three girls who were about to stick their hands into a swarm of potentially angry bees.

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Students in sticky situation at Community Montessori School

By Courtney Cairns Pastor,
Published: June 1, 2011

Every other year students at Community Montessori School study bees in a science class. They learn the different roles the bees play in the hive, how to care for them and how to harvest the honey.


Montessori students cook up annual Feast Day

By Courtney Cairnes Pastor, The Tampa Tribune
Published: December 01, 2010

TOWN 'N COUNTRY - Saying that everyone gets involved in the annual holiday feast at Community Montessori School doesn't give the full picture.

Everyone has a role. From the tiniest toddler to the oldest adolescents, the students pitch in on the planning, cooking, service and entertainment for the family event.

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Putting kids to work on Thanksgiving

By Courtney Cairns Pastor, Blogs
Posted: Nov 23, 2010

Your kids are home from school for the Thanksgiving holiday, and you have a to-do list in the kitchen that will keep you busy from the Macy’s parade through the football games.

Solution? I usually open the wine early. But if you want something a little more productive, you can put those kids to work.

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Mixing Alphabet, Soup

By Courtney Cairns Pastor, The Tampa Tribue
Published: November 24, 2007

TOWN 'N COUNTRY - The beginnings of vegetable soup simmered in a crockpot as Matheus Stimac added fat ridges of potato.

Dressed in a red apron and white chef's hat, Matheus had chopped the potato, guided by teacher Anna Wright. As a 4-year-old chef who barely cleared the counter, Matheus also needed a little assistance seeing the soup he helped to create. Wright lifted him up so he could peer into the pot and then slipped an oven mitt over his hand.

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