Soccer Shots is a nationally recognized program that offers a high energy, fun and age-appropriate introduction to the wonderful game of soccer. In addition to soccer, we work on improving children’s gross motor skills and teaching children important concepts such as teamwork, sharing and respect. Soccer Shots instructors are enthusiastic and passionate about working with kids. Our goal is simple: to leave a lasting, positive impact on every child we serve! Soccer Shots classes are grouped by classroom and are offered to all CMS students.




ACT UP is a Drama Club offered to Elementary and Adolescent students at Community Montessori School. Theater offers a positive outlet of expression that many children, teens, and adults have not been able to fully find anywhere else. The mission of ACT UP! is to empower its students by promoting self-expression, team building, strengthening creativity, and building communication skills.

All of ACT UP! ‘s classes are taught by highly trained professional actors. It has been incredibly rewarding to witness our students’ creativity and self-confidence blossom and grow through the course of their classes. Each session ends with a performance for the students’ family and friends.

We have other activities like sewing and much more!