At Community Montessori School, we are very proud of our alumni and their accomplishments, and we are very grateful for their ongoing support.

If you or your child attended Community Montessori School, we hope you’ll take some time to learn all the ways you can connect with CMS and support our ongoing effort to provide a quality Montessori education to students in the Tampa Bay area.





Montessori education recognizes that every child has a questioning mind and a big imagination. That’s why, at Community Montessori School, the students ask the questions —their own questions—not the teachers’.

We empower them to find the answers themselves. When a CMS student finds something they’re interested in, they seek it out and do research about it. They talk to their friends and come up with group projects. They learn how to learn. They love to learn. It’s a gift they retain for the rest of their lives. And when you possess that love of learning just for the sake of learning, there is no limit to how far you can go.


The Montessori belief is that children are born with everything they need to construct themselves. The core Montessori principle of respect for the individual—yes, even a 2-year old individual—allows CMS students to know they are heard. This validates their ever-evolving ideas about themselves and the world, and quiets that internal voice which says, “Should I say this? Should I think this?”

Community Montessori School empowers students with the freedom and resources to learn what they are good at, what they love, and what their gifts are. That’s why the CMS graduate doesn’t need to “go find themselves” in their 20’s. They know who they are.


Yes. It’s true. Community Montessori School’s toddlers make their own snack. The elementary kids do math problems in the millions. The adolescents have their own business—a profitable business. CMS honors their independence—“the valorization” of the individual. We take away the obstacles to learning, and when the child is ready, we assume they can do more than the world assumes they can do.

As a result, our students manage their time better than their peers. They know how to access the resources to learn. Ultimately, Community Montessori School grads leave with a real set of tools that allow them to tackle the challenges in this world and contribute in a positive way as adults. They go forth as poised young people— the problem-solvers in a complex society and fast-changing world.

The reality is that Community Montessori School’s real-world learning environment prepares your child remarkably well for any environment—not only for high school and college, but for the fast-changing demands and unlimited possibilities our 21st century world has waiting for them beyond college.

In this edition of our Alumni Highlights Newsletter you will be able to hear from some of the graduates themselves and hear what they have to say about their experiences at CMS and beyond in their own words! They have developed the foundation to flourish wherever they go