What to Expect - upper elementary

The Upper Elementary program extends the educational flow. The environment reflects a new, more abstract stage of development and offers the following:

  • Further integration of the arts, sciences, geography, history and language that evokes the native imagination and abstraction of the older elementary child.
  • Presentation of the formal scientific language of zoology, botany, anthropology, geography, geology, etc., exposing the child to accurate, organized information and respecting the child’s intelligence and interests.
  • The use of timelines, pictures, charts and other visual aids to provide a linguistic and visual overview of more advanced principles of each discipline.
  • Presentation of knowledge as part of a large- scale narrative that unfolds the origins of the earth, life, human communities and modern history, always in the context of the wholeness of life.
  • A mathematics curriculum presented with concrete materials that simultaneously review and expand arithmetic, geometric and algebraic correlations.
  • Emphasis on open-ended research and in- depth study using primary and secondary sources as well as other materials.
  • “Going out” to make use of community resources beyond the four walls of the classroom.